16 Hour Camping Adventure - Part 1

It's Thursday night, it's been a hectic week and I've been given the keys to a new bike to test.

Short on time and money, I've decided to do a little 16-hour camping adventure, just to show you don't need a lot to escape the everyday grind and have a quick re-charge at the same time.

The plan's simple, pack the bike with camping gear and come 5pm Friday head off to a pre-planned camp spot with the aim to be back in Melbourne by Saturday morning.

Hammer time!

The thing with motorcycle camping is if you're like me you want to keep your items to a minimum and take only the essentials with you on your travels, so I'd often leave out a hammer. Instead, I'd hunt around for a rock or use my boots which more often than not resulted in a bent peg.

 No more bent pegs!

No more bent pegs!

Then one day while doing my shopping I come across a aluminium meat tenderiser. Hammer worries are gone! It's light, small and only cost me $3. But wait, there's more! The handle has the perfect tool for pulling out your pegs.

Triple 8 Ride to the pub in the scrub

8 hours riding. 8 hours drinking. 8 hours sleeping.

Every three months I try to organise an overnighter with mates to a country pub where we can stay the night and put a few $$ into the bar and enjoys ourselves.

The Triple 8 Ride was one of my favorites as it had everything a good ride should have

  • Great Weather
  • Twisty Roads
  • Your best mates
  • Cold beer
  • A bed at the end of it

The destination was Logan where there's a pub that sits in the middle of nowhere with little mobile reception and I was told a horse which frequents the bar. That was something I wanted to see for myself, so Logan it was, the pub in the scrub.

Logan isn't that far out of Melbourne if you take thefreeway, given I was on my CBR954 at the time with a fresh set of rubbers that just wasn't going to happen.

 The scenic route

The scenic route

The road up through Diamond Creek, Kinglake and up Strathcreek onto Broadford was fantastic, with little traffic to hold us up we had a ball and stopped at the Moto Bean Cafe in Malmsbury with our licence's in tact.

After a decent lunch and even better coffee, we headed off up through Irish Creek and before long we arrived at Logan where we were greeted by the publican who showed us where to park our bike and gave us the keys to our diggs for the night. 8 hours riding check.

 The Logan Pub

The Logan Pub

We booked out the accommodation block which is kinda like up-market Shearer's sheds. There's also the option to camp there too if you want to roll out the swag after a belly full of booze.

After a day of riding the boys were thirsty so a quick change of clothes then made a b-line to the bar, where we found 5 ice cold beers lined up waiting for us. Good old country hospitality!

The Logan pub is a typical Aussie pub, lots of weird country memorabilia and as always plenty of people willing to have a friendly chat.

 Japanese work boots

Japanese work boots

After settling in and meeting some of the locals the conversation of the horse came up, and it turns out it's true. Each afternoon the horse comes in for a visit to the bar...

the horse.jpg

Old mate seems to like the attention and it's one of the things I like about exploring country pubs, you never know what's going to happen through out the night.

As customary on these trips, we all put in $100 each and give it to the barman to put in a jar and let us know when it runs out and we'll top it up. The drinks never stoped flowing.

The food is your typical pub fare, I got the parmy and as usual and it did the job. I always judge a pub by its parmy and the Logan is up there as one of the better ones I've had. 

By nights end the shots were flowing and it was close to closing time, Keith the publican was kind enough to supply with a bottle of some sort of clear liquor to take with us, to this day we're not sure what it was but we all slept like a log afterward. 8 hours drinking check.

The next morning we were all feeling rather dusty (8 hours sleeping...check). Keith put on a decent breakfast and the amazing thing was it was included in the price of accommodation, $35. The breakfast alone would have cost us over $20 back in Melbourne.

Another reason I love the country.

Hangover's residing we decided to take the quick way home and slab it down the freeway back to Melbourne.

If you're ever looking for an old fashioned Aussie pub to visit I can't recommend Logan highly enough. The publican's top notch, food's good and the beers cold. What more could you ask for from a pub?

Rawson Weekender

Weekends are what you make of them, mine, up until last weekend was usually full of alcohol, late nights and hangovers. With Sundays wasted in bed and Monday mornings spent thinking to myself, where did my weekend go?

So last Sunday I decided to make something of my weekends, from now until the end of Summer I was going to spend as much time on two-wheels with mates out doing road trips or camping. To start off I planned the next three weekends going away camping with my partner in crime. First stop, Rawson.

I chose Rawson for a couple of reasons, it was less than 200kms from home. There's a bar on site and a half decent road to ride on once you got off the freeway.

 We took the boring freeway route

We took the boring freeway route

I checked the weather report on Saturday morning and it was forecast for 1mm of rain but the sky in Melbourne was blue so we decided to grab breakfast and have a late start. By 11.30 we had the bikes packed and we were set to head off. 

The first part of the trip was along the Monash for 130kms or so of boring freeway. Half an hour into our trip the blue sky turned to grey, then the drizzle started which eventually turned into rain and lots of it, well over the 1 mm forecast.

After about an hour we pulled into a servo and put on some wet weather gear (better late than never I guess), filled up the bikes and grabbed a coffee to warm up a little.

 Arrived just a little bit wet

Arrived just a little bit wet

Once off the Monash there's about 30 kms or so of twisties starting from the town of Moe which we did our best to enjoy despite the rain. Ten mins out from Rawson the rain finally cleared and there were glimmers of sunshine poking out from the clouds which was a welcome relief.

We pulled into Rawson Caravan Park early arvo and grabbed our key for the site. Each one has its own en suite that has a toilet and shower it's also handy for storing your wet gear for the night. There's also a fire pit, not that we used it as everything was soaked.

 Camp set up, no where's the pub?

Camp set up, no where's the pub?

We had planned to explore some of the roads up around Walhalla and Lake Thomson Dam but after a chat with the owner he suggested we give it a miss in the wet. So we opted for the Stockyard Pub instead, a short 20 meter walk from our camp.

Rawson Stockyard Bar & Bistro is like a big barn fitted out with lots of old farming memorabilia a pool table and plenty of places to sit and catch up on the days events. The service was friendly and relaxed, the bourbons cold and the chicken parmi was easily one of the best I've had. You won't leave there feeling hungry that's for sure.

After dinner we headed back to camp for a bit of Netflix and chill, lucky there's good mobile reception out there.

Next morning we woke to the sound of kookaburras and sunshine, made ourselves a coffee before packing up and heading home. By this time the road had pretty much dried up and we got to open the throttle up and enjoy the road back before the freeway.

This was a much better end to the weekend than waking up with a hangover with nothing to show but an empty wallet. Can't wait until next weekends camping trip, hopefully it will be a lot dryer.